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  • Audition Tips
    Audition Tips

2023 Audition Tips

Judges expect professional attire for dancers. Female dancers should wear pink tights and black leotards. Dancers ages 12 and up are encouraged to wear Prima Soft seamed tights. Wear soft ballet shoes. Ages 12 and up, if you dance on pointe, carry in your pointe shoes. Do not bring any other items with you. The instructor will tell you if and when judges want to see you on pointe.  Pointe is not a requirement for auditioning.  Dancers 11 years old and younger will audition only in ballet shoes.

Males should wear black tights or athletic attire that allows easy movement and a white tee shirt. They may wear ballet shoes or whatever they are comfortable dancing in but not sneakers or boots.

Gymnasts should wear gymnastic leotards or any suitable gymnastic attire. Gymnasts’ footwear can be whatever they are comfortable performing in.

Be well-groomed; females’ hair should be held back securely in a classical fashion.  You may wear a hair bow or hairpiece and small earrings, if you wish.

When you sign in, you will be given an audition number. The judges will not know your name or dance studio.

You will audition in groups. During the audition, the instructor will provide all necessary choreography.

Present yourself at your personal best during the audition.

Be prepared to stay for additional time if asked by the judges or instructor.

Smile, be yourself, and enjoy the audition.

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