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  • Audition Process
    Audition Process

2023 Audition Process

Prior to audition day, the audition committee and the Artistic Director brief audition judges about the process of LMBC auditions and describe the requirements for each part.

On the day of auditions, dancers and gymnasts check in and are given an audition number which they attach to their leotard or shirt. When it is time to enter the audition room, performers line up in numerical order. Once in the room, the judges and the ballet instructor will be introduced. These dance professionals do not live in the Lincoln area and are not familiar with the dancers and gymnasts auditioning. Under the direction of the ballet instructor, the audition will be like a ballet class.

After auditions are completed, judges cast the show using audition numbers and the pictures provided by each performer. LMBC Artistic Director and audition committee members are available to answer questions. The LMBC Artistic Director approves the final casting and that information is entered into a database.

All dancers and gymnasts will receive email notification of their audition results. Audition results will be sent, via e-mail, after September 25, 2023 and are not guaranteed on any specific day or time.

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