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Cast Handbook: Who do I call?

Please contact any of the following individuals if you have questions or comments, or if you wish to volunteer.
For any questions regarding sweatshirt or jacket orders, please contact

Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company Office 402-441-0739
LMBC Board President Kenton Sullivan 402-440-0427
LMBC Treasurer Renee Yost 402-484-8692
Artistic Director Shari Shell-True 402-423-8838
Executive Director Audrey Poehlman 402-441-0739
Costumes Maralee Maldavs 402-217-1272
Performer/Parent Services Audrey Poehlman 402-441-0739
Lied Center Box Office 402-472-4747
Guild President Amy Weber 402-440-0532
Guild Vice President Tyne Thorson 402-326-2062
Guild Treasurer Jenny Thomas 402-202-1672
Guild Secretary Maggie Rawlings 402-730-4223
Guild Fundraising Kristy Kotik 402-202-8519
Guild Social Media Josie Olenick 308-225-1783
Volunteer Coordinator Tyne Thorson 402-326-2062
Backstage at the Ballet Debby Erickson 402-489-5861
Nutcracker Boutique Deb Kimberly 402-450-4644
Nutcracker Boutique Sue Olson 402-421-7741
Picture Buttons/Shirt Distribution Sarah Amstuz 402-570-3643
DVD/Digital Download Lana Peterson 402-450-2824
Company/Apprentice Dinner Angie Marshall 402-202-8158
Guild Goodie Sale Tracie Voog 402-304-2176
Girl Scout Tea Sara Klein 308-380-5029
Pointe Shoe Decorating Liz Troyer 402-304-5801
Company/Apprentice Gifts Nicole Neemann 402-770-3180
Mary Kay Make-Up Amy Rutt 402-310-5805
Company Apprentice Dancer Liason/Guild Ambassador Kellie Fillmore 402-304-9520
Pointe Shoe Bootie Knitting Ann Waite 309-706-9319


Business Office Location:  Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company, 211 N. 14 Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

Business Office Hours: M-F 8:00-5:00


Phone:  402-441-0739

General Guild Correspondence: