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Cast Handbook: Who do I call?

Please contact any of the following individuals if you have questions or comments, or if you wish to volunteer.

Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company Office 402-441-0739
LMBC Board President Marcia Kirk 402-440-0427
LMBC Treasurer Renee Yost 402-484-8692
Artistic Director Shari Shell-True 402-423-8838
Executive Director Kelly Duncan 402-441-0739
Costumes Maralee Maldavs 402-217-1272 or 402-261-9029
Guild President Libby Tomes 402-613-0456
Guild Vice President Shelby Foged 402-217-7592
Guild Secretary Rhema Harrah 402-429-4714
Guild Treasurer Toni Montanez 402-770-0702
Performer/Parent Services Toni Montanez 402-770-0702
Lied Center Box Office 402-472-4747
Guild Volunteer Coordinator Amy Weber 402-440-0532
Nutcracker Picture Buttons Rhema Harrah 402-429-4714
Nutcracker DVD Lana Peterson 402-450-2824
Company/Apprentice Dinner Libby Tomes 402-613-0456
Pointe Shoe Decorating Tyne Thorson 402-326-2062
Guild Goodie Sale Ann Volf 402-416-6390
Guild Fundraising/Social Media Kristy Kotik 402-202-8519
Company Gift Bags Jenny Thomas 402-202-1672
Mary Kay Make-Up Shelby Foged 402-217-7592
J. Schultz Photography Jennifer Schultz 402-730-6059
Nutcracker Boutique Marcia Kirk 402-440-0427


Business Office:  Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company, 211 N. 14 Street, Lincoln, NE 68508


Phone:  402-441-0739