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Cast Handbook: Backstage at the Ballet

We are pleased to announce that Backstage at the Ballet is scheduled to take place at Roper Elementary School this year! Company members will receive information about assisting with choreography during the residency, December 6, 7, and 8 at Roper. 

If you are cast as a Big Party Boy, Big Party Girl, Clara, Fritz, Marzipan, China, Russia, Columbine, Jester, Harlequin, and Spain (no Backgrounds) you will need to be at Roper Elementary School (2323 S. Coddington) on Monday, December 12, 2022, by 7:50 am for a rehearsal and a 9:00 am performance followed by a 10:00 am performance. There are two performances required for this large school. Watch your email for further information. You may leave after changing out of your costume and returning it to the costumer.  All performers need to have make-up and hair done prior to arriving at the school. Parents will need to contact their children’s school to excuse them from class for the morning of December 12th.