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Required Rules and Expectations for Performers

LMBC will follow all current Lincoln Lancaster Health Department Covid safety guidelines.  Check your email frequently for important updates from LMBC.
1.    Perform to the best of your ability, demonstrating a positive and cooperative attitude.

2.    Show respect to the Artistic and Technical Staff as you rehearse the role assigned to you. Conduct yourself in a respectful and cooperative manner during rehearsals and performances.  Avoid arguing with the Artistic Staff and respond in a positive manner to corrections. Inappropriate language is not allowed. No videotaping of rehearsals is allowed.

3.    Attend all scheduled and added rehearsals.  Be on time.
4.    Cast members may not bring personal guests to rehearsals or backstage at the Lied Center.

5.    Notify LMBC immediately if a performer is ill and unable to rehearse. If performer is ill or injured on performance dates, call 402-441-0739 and leave a message, if it is not answered immediately.  Messages are checked regularly.

6.    If there is a minor injury, the Artistic Staff requires the performer to attend and observe their scheduled rehearsal.

7.    Treat the rehearsal and performance space with care and respect. Pick up after yourself.

8.    Show consideration for other performers, as well as their belongings and costumes.

9.    Wear proper dance clothes.  Females should have their hair in a bun at all rehearsals. No ponytails. All warm-up clothing must be removed at the Artistic Staff’s request.

10.    Be prepared with the proper equipment for your rehearsal.  If on pointe, have 3 “performance ready” pairs of pointe shoes. Jester needs to bring headpiece and Spain needs to rehearse with the fan. Russian and Spanish Background dancers will need to wear character shoes.

11.    Eating and drinking in the studio or in costume is not allowed.  Food may be eaten in permitted areas only.  Dispose of trash properly.

12.    Check the fitting schedule for costumes and arrive promptly at your designated time.  Performers are required to provide their own leotard, tights, shoes, earrings, undergarments, and make-up, unless otherwise stated.

13.    LMBC’s production of The Nutcracker is a ballet-based show.  All dancers cast in the show must currently be taking ballet class at their respective studios with the exception of Bon Bons, Party Parents, Party Boys, Mother Ginger, or any other character role. Anyone with a pointe role must take pointe classes.

14.    Cell phones must be OFF and put away throughout all rehearsals.  Never bring mobile devices to the stage or stage wings during rehearsals and performances.  Personal mobile devices may not be used to record activities at rehearsals or any LMBC events without the permission of the Artistic Director.  Do not post on social media any photos taken at Backstage at the Ballet, as well as any taken on stage or in dressing rooms at the Lied Center. Company and Apprentice members will discuss their responsibilities concerning photos and social media at the meeting with the Artistic Director on Octorber 2, 2022.

15.    Do not take photos unless you have advance approval from both the rehearsal director and the person(s) being photographed.

16.  Failure to observe any of these rules may result in immediate dismissal from the production.