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Cast Handbook: Specific Scene Names with Individual Roles

Please check the following to find out what scene(s) you are in:

Workshop Scene
Elves                 Drosselmeier

Party Scene (All) Act I

Clara                          Nutcracker                  Drosselmeier                 Dr. Stahlbaum    

Fritz                            Party Parents             Mrs.Stahlbaum              Jester Doll

Maids                         Columbine Doll           Harlequin Doll    

Party Children (Big and Little)                       Elves

Battle Scene (All) Act I

Clara                           Nutcracker                  Drosselmeier              Mouse King

Big Mice                     Little Mice                  Soldiers

Snow Scene (All) Act I

Clara                           Nutcracker                  Drosselmeier       Snow Princesses

Snow Corps                Snow Queen               Crown Angel

Act II (All)

Clara                          Nutcracker                              Drosselmeier                  Angels

Sugar Plum                Cavalier                                  Spain                             Spanish Background

Russia                        Russian Background              Arabian Queen              Arabian Men

Marzipan                    Arabian Background              China                             Chinese Lanterns

Elves                          Mother Ginger                        Flower Corps                 Garland Children

Dew Drop                   Sugar & Spice                        Bonbons                        Celestial Fairies           

Demi Dews                            

Intro to Act II and Finale

The group listed below is in the Finale, which is the final dance of the show.

*Clara                         *Nutcracker                *Sugar Plum            *Cavalier

*Dew Drop                   Flower Corps            *China                      *Arabian Men

*Marzipan                   *Spain                        *Russia                     Celestial Fairies

 *Arabian Queen          Bonbons                   *Demi Dews  

Those parts with asterisks* are also in Intro to Act II.

Curtain Call is the final bow at the end of each act.

Not in Finale: Sugar & Spice, Arabian Background, Russian Background, and Spanish Background