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Cast Handbook: Post Audition

Notification of Results:
Notification of the Nutcracker audition results will be emailed to all performers. If performers have not received their results by 5:00 pm, September 28, they may leave a message with LMBC at 402-441-0739, and they will be contacted.  There will be no telephone notifications prior to that time.  

Acceptance of Part(s):

All roles awarded to a performer by the judges must be accepted in order to participate in the production. Checking out at the mandatory All-Cast Meeting on Sunday, October 8th is considered as acceptance of roles.  If any role, including all understudy roles, is rejected by a performer, participation in the production may be forfeited.  By accepting a part, you agree that you will not perform the choreography of this show outside of LMBC’s production, unless you first obtain the permission of the Artistic Director.

Rejection of Part(s):
A performer has until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 28, to notify LMBC at 402-441-0739 if he or she wishes to decline parts.  Except for cases of major illness or injury, any performer declining any parts after this date will forfeit the right to participate in Nutcracker auditions the following year.

As in any organization, good communication is extremely important.  Please directly contact the person most closely related to your concern.  Refer to page one, titled “In Support of Dancers,” which identifies who is responsible for what. You are responsible for checking your email daily for important updates from Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company.