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Cast Handbook: Lincoln Midwest Ballet Guild

Lincoln Midwest Ballet Guild was formed in 1991, and is stronger than ever! The Ballet Guild is represented by parents of The Nutcracker cast members to help support the activities of the Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company (LMBC). Becoming a member of the Guild is an excellent opportunity to learn and become a part of all the backstage activities leading up to show performances, and while at The Lied. Meetings are held once a month, with opportunities for officer positions, committee chairs, and general membership. The Guild sponsors a number of projects that directly benefit the Company and its dancers, such as:

•    Fundraising to directly benefit the Company financially. These many events include the annual Guild Goodie Sale, sales of pointe shoe keepsakes decorated exclusively by the Company and Apprentice dancers, picture button sales, make-up sales, and various local fundraising events during the season.
•    Recruiting volunteers to help at the Lied Center with supervision, security, and Boutique sales during rehearsals and performances.
•    Hosting an ALL cast parent volunteer meeting for explanation and instruction of Lied duties
•    Providing volunteer assistance at the Cast Meeting
•    Organizing the Girl Scout Tea at the Lied Center on performance weekend
•    Guild volunteers distribute picture buttons and Nutcracker sweatshirts to the cast during rehearsals
•    Keeping cast members and families up to date of events with weekly updates on LMBC emails and by way of social media sites
•    The Guild also provides support to the Company and Apprentice dancers with a Pointe Shoe Decorating Party, assistance with group and individual photos, collecting items and assembling bags to be distributed to these dancers down at the Lied Center, continuing the time honored tradition of knitting booties for pointe shoes, providing a much anticipated dinner while at the Lied Center in between Saturday performance times, and new to this year, an experienced Guild member to guide and assist company and apprentice dancers with these extra endeavors!
•    Fundraising efforts are directed to the Company and provide assistance to costuming, Backstage at the Ballet, and general needs of Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company.

Becoming a member of the Guild is open to all for a small membership fee, used to help fund all our ventures. Membership is open annually after casting is announced via the LMBC website or during cast meeting checkout, and is current for one year. The talents and time of everyone involved in The Nutcracker are needed to create a successful show each year! The Guild provides an additional opportunity to further your involvement and make great new friends!
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