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Cast Handbook:Costume Requirements

All tights (unless stated otherwise) must be Prima Soft seamed (Ballet Pink color) of the non-shiny texture.  Every cast member supplying their own used shoes to be dyed must bring them to their costume fitting.  Please put the name of the performer in each shoe, and put them in a plastic bag with your name on the outside of the bag.  If you have any questions, call Maralee Maldavs at 402-217-1272.
Occasionally, costume requirements listed below may change.  You will be notified if there are changes, additions, or deletions to the listed costume requirements.

  • Performers are NOT allowed to change, alter, or add or subtract jewels, ribbons, etc. to any costume piece without being first granted permission by the Artistic Director.
  • Be sure all headpieces are securely pinned on before going on stage.
  • Pointe Shoes:  All girls who are cast on pointe will be required to sew on their ribbons in the same fashion. Please buy your pointe shoes early including back-up pairs for performances. Have additional pairs of pointe shoes for rehearsals.
  • Ballet Shoes:  You must provide your own So Danca SD16 canvas split sole ballet shoes for the show. 
  • Character Shoes:  Should be black with 1½ inch heels.
  • Rehearsal Shoes:  Wear the appropriate dance shoes for your role(s) at rehearsals.
  • Participants in Backstage at the Ballet:  Canvas ballet shoes must be clean, with no holes, and should not have ribbons sewn on.

The following is a list of costume supplies each performer will need to provide. Pink tights/shoes have been listed as our preferred tight/shoe color.  However, the Artistic Director will consider tight/shoe colors that more closely match dancers’ skin tone upon request. Beginning at the first dress rehearsal at the Lied Center, performers must bring these items:

Clara:  light pink camisole leotard, seamed pink tights, pointe shoes 

Nutcracker:  white tights, white ballet shoes, black men’s black ballet boots

Fritz and Big/Little Party Boys:  white dance tights (no socks), black jazz shoes

Big Party Girls:  pink Prima Soft seamed tights, white or pink leotard or briefs, pointe shoes

Mouse King:  black jazz shoes

Little Party Girls:  pink Prima Soft seamed tights, So Danca SD 16 canvas split sole pink ballet shoes, white or pink leotard 

Maids, Party Women:  pink tights, black character shoes (Party Women), pointe shoes (Maids)

Party Men:  black socks, black character shoes

Drosselmeier:  white tights, black shoes

Columbine and Female Harlequin:  to be determined

Male Harlequin:  white tights, shoes to dye

Jester: painted pointe shoes.  Extra pointe shoes to be dyed are also needed

Angels:  ballet pink tights (no seam), So Danca SD16 canvas split sole pink ballet shoes, white short-sleeve leotard (no black leotards)

Big/Little Mice:  bring used canvas ballet shoes that can be dyed to costume fitting 

Soldiers: black jazz shoes, white or flesh-colored leotard

Snow Queen, Snow Princesses, Snow Corps, Marzipan, Russia, Spain, Dew Drop, Demi Dews, Flower Corps:  seamed pink tights, pointe shoes as needed

Spanish Background and Russia:  flesh colored tights (no hose), black character shoes

Arabian Queen and Arabian Background:  Queen: pointe shoes to be pancaked tan; Background: no shoes, no tights

China:  seamed Prima Soft pink tights, pointe shoes 

Chinese Lanterns:  black camisole leotard, pink tights, black pointe shoes (use Sharpie to color satin ONLY. Bottom soul, ribbons, and elastic should not be black)

Elves:  bring used canvas ballet shoes that can be dyed to costume fitting 

Garland Children:  pink Prima Soft seamed tights, So Danca SD16 canvas split sole ballet shoes

Sugar & Spice:  pink tights no seam, So Danca SD16 canvas split sole pink ballet shoes

Bonbons:  white dance tights, white gymnastic shoes 

NOTE:  Dancers invited to appear at special events may be asked to wear costumes for roles other than those for which they have been cast.