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Cast Handbook: Hairstyle Requirements

The following is a list of hair/bun styles each performer will be required to wear for her part(s) during the dress rehearsals and productions at the Lied Center. Always have your hair done before arriving at the Lied Center.

A “good bun” means the hair is tight to the head with no bangs or loose, wispy hairs falling around the neck or face.  The bun must be secure, flat, and larger than the size of your palm.  Do not produce any knot buns or buns made out of braids. 

To achieve a “good bun,” style the hair while it’s still damp from being washed.  Use hair spray or setting gel to avoid fly-aways and work it in from the hairline. Start with a ponytail at the crown of your head (don’t use the bands with balls) and roll the hair as you are wrapping it around the base of the ponytail.  Use bobby pins (no silver hair pins or metal clips) and a hair net that are the same color as your hair to secure the bun.  Wrap the hair net tightly before you secure it. 

Clara:  see Artistic Director before any photos are taken

All Females (except those specifically listed):  High bun.

Flower Corps and Spain:  Left side part and low bun.

Columbine:  High bun.

Bonbons:  Over-the-ear pigtail hairpieces with barrel curls, not spirals or pigtail curls.

Arabian Queen, Arabian Background: High bun.

Chinese Lanterns: High, flat bun to fit under hat.

Big/Little Party Girls: Must purchase hairpieces to be worn over high bun.  They should be barrel curls (not pigtail curls or spirals.) Please order early to be sure you have them prior to Backstage at the Ballet.

Party Women:  Wigs will be provided.

Spain/Spanish Background: Parted on left side, low bun. 

Angels:  High bun.