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Backstage at the Ballet

Backstage at the Ballet is an artist-in-residence program sponsored by the Lincoln Midwest Ballet Guild. Artists from the Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company lead three learning stations at the participating elementary school. Each station lasts about 45 minutes and provides hands-on experiences in costuming, make-up and choreography. On the last day of the residency, dancers from Lincoln Midwest Ballet Company perform excerpts from the Nutcracker for the entire school.

Backstage at the Ballet has been at numerous Lincoln schools including: Holmes, Belmont, Eastridge, Prescott, Pyrtle, Saratoga, Zeman, Meadowlane, Beattie, Hill, Humann, Pershing, Rousseau, Riley, Fredstrom, Kahoa, Maxey, Morley, Sheridan, Randolph, Elliott, Campbell, West Lincoln, Calvert, Kloefkorn, and Clinton Elementary.

Back Stage at the (Cinderella) Ballet